Friday 9/6

For time:
1k row
50 thruster @ 45/35
30 pull up

After returning from our annual Trainer Summit for HQ Staff I wanted to share some of the things I was struck by the past couple days.

– The CrossFit Community is something truly special. Whether it’s people banding together for the Hotshots, handing out helpful advice about healthy eating or simply pulling each other through another tough workout – this community is second to none. No where is it more apparent the quality of people that CrossFit generally attracts than among my fellow staff members. It’s a humbling group to be a part of and it serves as a constant reminder of just how lucky I am to be able to play a part in helping people live healthier, fuller lives.

– CrossFit is taking over. Current projections put us at 10,000 Affiliates world wide by the end of this calendar year. In Sacramento alone, when we opened just over 3 years ago there were 4 or 5 other CrossFit gyms in the general area. Now there are more like 40. That’s some pretty significant growth and not only is it not showing any signs of slowing down the growth is actually increasing.

– The world is taking notice. More and more often now there are media outlets and T.V. programs doing little pieces on the CrossFit “Phenomenon” or “Cult” or “Fad” or whatever they choose to label us as. What all of this proves is that we are far from a “Fad” and that the revolution Greg Glassman started will only become more and more obvious as the years continue to tick by.


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