Monday 8/26

Hang Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1
Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1

Know Your Stuff!

Recently it’s become apparent that many of our members are not using their record keeping tools (notebooks) to their fullest potential. The purpose of those notebooks is not simply to robotically record your scores/times/loads for workouts daily, it’s also to help you keep track of your progress and your current abilities.

Especially for those athletes that have been with us for more than 6 months, there simply is no excuse for not knowing the answers to questions like “what’s the heaviest deadlift you’ve pulled?” or “what’s the most weight you’ve put overhead?”.

You should ALL know the answers to questions like these because in knowing these answers you show that you CARE about the progress you’re making and are PERSONALLY INVESTED in it.

In order to truly make progress in anything in life, it’s important to care about making progress, to put an effort into it and to be able to measure that progress somehow. We provide you the tools with which you can measure it by using CrossFit workouts that allow for measurable, observable, repeatable results. YOU have to provide the effort everyday by showing up and doing the workouts (which our athletes are kicking ass at!) but you also have to provide the CARE by doing simple things like remembering some of your numbers.

Help us help you by committing some of these numbers to memory so that we can properly scale and adjust the workouts to come without simply taking shots in the dark about what weights to use or how to otherwise scale movements.


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