Saturday 8/24

In teams of up to 4

EMOM for 16 min
Alternate minutes between:
5 Deadlift
5 Push Press


We all have habits. Some of them are positive habits like brushing your teeth and buckling your seatbelts. But some of them are negative habits, things like having that can of beer every night with dinner or clipping your toenails in the living room.

These habits, over time, begin to define who and what we are.

As Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

I recently had a discussion with someone I’ve been training for years who continues to fall into the same habits over and over again. She talks to me about her commitment to her health and fitness and puts in a solid effort for a few months, or less, but then inevitably something happens. There is some crisis, or some event that sidetracks all of her progress and we are left to “reboot” and start again from scratch weeks later. Time and time again this is the same cycle she falls into, the same habit.

I’ve seen the progress start each and every one of these cycles only to be sidelined when she puts herself, her goals and her fitness at the bottom of her to-do list. So recently, we had a discussion about forcing herself to build the habit of making herself a priority every single day. Her goal is to, every day, spend 10 minutes on herself. Just 10 minutes. Eventually I hope to expand this to up an hour but it’s going to take time and persistence.

For her, it’s about building the habit of allowing herself to be a priority. Sometimes that’s all it takes. If she’s not willing to take care of herself first she won’t be any good to help anyone else when they need it.

So ask yourself, what habits do I have that are keeping me from reaching my potential? And maybe more importantly, what habits should I build in order to reach my potential?


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