Monday 8/19

Complete 5 rounds for time:
Run 200 meters
15 DB Push Press @ 45/30
15 Pull-ups
See 5/8

Chasing the Rx: Stop letting your ego get in the way of intensity
When I first started doing CrossFit, the only WODs I could do “prescribed” were strength days, and only because there is no real scaling for those days, you lift what you can lift. Regardless, I still got a little bit of an ego boost  checking the “Rx” box on Beyond the Whiteboard. As I became stronger and more fit, I was able to scale less on certain WODs, and even go prescribed. Does that now mean that every workout preformed is prescribed? No of course not. Even when the movement/ weight is something I technically can do prescribed, sometimes I scale. Why, because I want to get a good workout.

Take “Fran” for example, I can do 65# thrusters, and I can do pull-ups, but I cannot do both in a workout fast enough to finish the WOD is less than 10 minutes. Why does that matter? Because I’m going to slow down and start taking breaks and nobody gets fitter by staring at a bar. Nobody! The same goes for any other WOD we do. If you have been doing CrossFit more than a month and it consistently takes you significantly longer than anybody else, scaled or Rx to complete the WOD, we need to start reevaluating our strategy because you are missing out on the most important component of the WOD– intensity. Intensity is synonymous with average power (force X distance/time),the higher the average power, ie the more work you do in less time, the better because you are increasing your average power, therefore increasing your intensity. Intensity is what gets you the good stuff, it’s what gets you stronger, faster and fitter. Achieving intensity means checking your ego once in a while and using a band,  going lighter in weight, or ignoring what somebody else did in the WOD, but it will be worth it in the end.

In short, if you want to be able to write “Rx” next to your name, you will need to chase intensity, and finding that intensity will often mean scaling.


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