Wednesday 7/31

Front Squat:

Okay, okay, this is a demo video of a 2 Rep Max workout, but nothing changes as far as technique. Most people hate heavy front squat days because they cannot get into a good rack position, and that is understandable. However, nothing is going to improve your front rack position (being able to keep your elbows up, reducing pressure on your wrists and helping to keep your chest up) better than doing some good ol’ fashioned front squats! Yes, mobility work does help, but until you make your body really work to get into that position, your body won’t make the necessary adaptations.

You cannot undo decades of poor posture five minutes before the WOD by cramming a lacrosse ball into your back. If you want to do more to improve your front rack setup, squat or overhead position, you need to invest time in those ares outside of the gym. Keep in mind that the number one reason (for most people) why your muscles are tight is because you sit at a desk all day. Prolonged sitting is like the smoking cigarettes of our generation. It doesn’t take much time or equipment to help keep your mobile or to at least prevent you from becoming less mobile. You can use a doorway to help stretch out the muscles in your chest or maybe you make a point of getting out of your office chair once an hour for some squats or to stretch out your hamstrings.  This extra work, along with challenging your body to get into the best position possible at the box will help to facilitate change in your flexibility and make days like today less cringe-worthy.


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