Tuesday 7/30

7/30 “Randy”
For time: 75 Power Snatch @75/55

What have you sacrificed to get here?

That’s the question that leads off this clip from the press conference following this years CrossFit Games. It’s also a question that you could ask yourself every day. There are really two ways to view that question.

We can view it from the perspective of the positive progress we’ve made, the things we’ve sacrificed in order to achieve goals. Or we can view it from the negative side, the things we’ve succumbed to that keep us from heading in the right direction.

On the positive side, maybe you had to give up 15 minutes of sleep a day in order to make it to the 6am class to make sure you get a workout in. Maybe it means skipping your favorite Tuesday night T.V. show to attend the 7pm class. Or maybe you’re not joining your friends for Happy Hour on a Tuesday night because you know that putting yourself in that situation is going to derail your nutritional goals… again.

On the negative side, maybe you gave up a weeks worth of workouts because it was just too hot and uncomfortable. Or maybe you looked at the blog post and today’s workout is stuff you don’t like to do so you thought you’d just come to class twice this week instead of three times. It’s OK because it’s just this once.

However you slice it, there are choices you’re making on a daily basis that are leading you down the road you’re on right now. That road is either keeping you heading in the same direction you’ve always been on or it’s taking you somewhere better or worse.

The best part about the journey though, is that it’s never over and you’ve ALWAYS got a choice!

You can choose the easy path that most people spend the majority of their lives on…


You can choose the harder path of sacrificing things that mean less to you in order to achieve the things that mean more.

Choose wisely.


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