Saturday 7/12

Continuous Clock Pull Ups
With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

From CrossFit Integrated Fitness…

Don’t be a CrossFit A$#hole 6 Tips to Be a Good CrossFitter

byJosh Bobrowsky
Post image for Don’t be a CrossFit A$#hole 6 Tips to Be a Good CrossFitterSo you are working out hard, eating clean and feeling awesome. Congrats to you! You are getting strong and looking good, especially naked. These are great things, things that we all work toward. You should be very proud of your acccomplishments However, being fit is not a license to be a jerk.Just don’t do it!1.Their New Pr is Not your warm-up- Ok, the new guy at the gym just hit a new PR on deadlift, 155 pounds! He couldn’t be happier. Now is not the time to snatch, overhead squat, power clean or hit a set of 30 deadlifts with that weight. You are strong, it’s tempting to rep out but slow your roll, now is the time to congratulate your fellow CrossFitter not show off.

2. No Rep, Not Your Problem- Unless you are a coach, judge, or on staff it is not your job to no rep your fellow CrossFitters during regular workouts. I get it you see someone doing squats a millimeter above parallel and your brain is about to explode with fury. Don’t do it! Use that primal no rep rage and focus on your own workout push through and become your best not their judge.

3. Big Box Gyms are not your enemy- I love CrossFit and so do you. That doesn’t mean that large gyms are our enemies. It’s a different way of working out. Some of them might even have strange commercials. Just because you don’t do curls and rock out on the elyptical doesn’t mean that you need to hate those who do. You may not agree with the way that they are working out but that’s ok. They might think that our pullups look funny.

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