Wednesday 7/10

Deadlift 1-5-1-10-1-15


We are proud to announce that our very own Calvin will be offering a Kettlebell Class on Friday nights @ 5pm starting this week. The basic format will be similar to Barbell Club but the focus will be on gaining more familiarity and capacity with various movements involving the kettlebell. As with barbell club there is no charge, but you must be an unlimited member to attend.

We talk about the importance of recovery often at the gym. Are you taking rest days? Are you allowing your body to recuperate from the beating it’s taking during the workouts?

One of the most commonly overlooked needs when it comes to recovery though is sleep. Often, those of us that live busy lives, are hauling kids around or working far too many hours neglect the sleep we need to optimally recover from the work we’ve put in.

Check out the video below for some thoughts on the necessity of sleep from someone who knows a thing or two about high level performance.


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