Monday 6/17



Thruster @ 95/65

Pull Up
What’s this? A benchmark on a Monday? And it’s FRAN???

I know what you’re thinking guys and gals, but it’s not a misprint, we are actually doing Fran for Monday’s WOD.

Today is the day that you need to BRING IT!

Spots on the leaderboard are up for grabs for those members of CrossFit SAC that are willing to lay it all out there and go to the dark place, to push through the discomfort of that one more rep, that one more pull up, that last thruster.

Probably more than any other WOD, Fran shows us the people who have that “go” button. It shows us who can shut out the world for a few minutes while they scratch and claw and fight through the rounds of 21 then 15 and finally 9.

My best advise? Watch the video below and go after it with an attitude like Chris Spealler talks about having towards Fran at the end.


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