Friday 6/7

“Jackie” aka 2013 CrossFit Regional Event 1
1000m Row
50 Thruster 45/35
30 Pull ups

In the interest of full disclosure, I have a bit of a girl crush on Miranda Oldroyd, which is why I chose to post this highlight video of her winning the first Regional Event of the NorCal Regionals. However, in the video she makes reference to an event that some of you might not know about. In June, 2012 she was in a pretty bad car accident which left her with a broken hand and (as she would eventually discover) a broken neck! The story is pretty incredible and you can read about it on her blog, here.

I was lucky to have Miranda as one of my coaches for the Coaches Prep Course a few months back. After the second day, I was waiting round to thank the coaches for an awesome time and got to hear some advice Miranda gave to another attendee who had qualified in a different region. One of the things she said that really struck me was that the accident made her a better athlete because it gave her more appreciation for what she was able to do because she had come so close to losing the ability to do anything.

It’s human nature to take everyday things for granted and with that we can lose perspective. We become complacent in out ability to climb a flight of stairs or do a squat and with that, small things like sore muscles become enough of an excuse to take an extra day off. But so quickly and easily, all the things we take for granted can be taken away. So maybe a change in mindset is in order? Instead of dreading the next run or complaining about how heavy the bar is, we celebrate the fact that we can run and lift heavy things, even if we are still hating every moment of it.


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