Tuesday 5/14

Shoulder press 65/45 pounds 90 seconds for reps.

Tabata Squats – “bottom to bottom”

Shoulder press 65/45 pounds 90 seconds for reps.

“Bottom to bottom” squats start at the bottom and end at the bottom
with but an instantaneous stop at the top. Rest is at the bottom!

Shoulder press as many of the reps as possible and then push-press
the remaining. Return the score as S/P, “S” being the number of reps
shoulder pressed and “P” being the number of reps push-pressed.

This video beautifully demonstrates the added efficiency that the hips afford during the push press.

While I was giving the Nutrition lecture this weekend at the L1 seminar the following exchange went down. I had just answered a question about how people can integrate protein powder into their diets with the zone, whether they count the protein blocks as part of their intake or not. I then got another question that went something like this:

“You CrossFit people talk about eating real, whole food, unprocessed food but now you’re talking about using protein powder. I don’t get it, protein powder is highly processed so that doesn’t make sense to me”

This was a very valid point, but it also reminded me of something that’s not uncommon at the gym.

Many of our new members want to know what type of protein powder they should be taking. My usual response to this is to ask about how the rest of their food is. While various supplements can be useful tools in helping people reach their goals they really don’t help much unless you are already working from a solid nutritional foundation.

If your current breakfast looks like cinnamon toast crunch and waffles, adding two scoops of protein powder to your daily regimen isn’t going to do much good. If on the other hand your food is already pretty solid and you need a way to get a little more protein in your diet, then we can start to talk about the best ways to integrate it.

Keep in mind that everything we do in here starts with nutrition, it is literally the foundation upon which fitness is built.


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