Monday 5/13

Five rounds of:
12 Thruster @ 65/45
12 Pull-ups

Changes continue to take place at the gym and we wanted to thank you all for your continued support and patience. While the gym is nowhere near where we envisioned it to be when we first planned our expansion, we are so excited about the progress that is taking place and it means so much to us see you excited about the changes as well.

Announcements and Reminders

  • Thank you for using the front entrance when arriving to and leaving the gym when classes are in session.
  • We will be closed May 24-26 (Friday-Sunday)  for Nor Cal Regionals. We highly recommend you attend if you have the chance. Some big-name CrossFitters like Jason Khalipa, Neal Maddox and Annie Sakamoto will be competing. Only the top three male and female athletes will advance to the CrossFit Games. Nor Cal is also home to come very competitive affiliate teams, so there is guaranteed to be a fierce battle to see who gets to go to the Games.
  • Speaking of the CrossFit Games, tickets go on sale today!

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