Saturday 5/11

Five rounds of:
21 Power Clean @ 75/55
15 Handstand Push-ups

We couldn’t help but notice the dramatic drop off in attendance on Friday. I’m sure that not everyone who signed up for class and then cancelled was cherry-picking. Rest assured, those of you who blew off the WOD because you hate running, a 5K will come up again.

So, you are not good at everything! Welcome to CrossFit! If there is one thing guaranteed about CrossFit, it is that it will help you discover movements that you are not good at or comfortable with. By now, most of you have made this realization on your own and you know what your “goat” movements are. However, CrossFit can also uncover weaknesses that are much more subtle or take place outside of the gym, like food choices and attitude. So what are your weaknesses? And what do plan to do about them?

Where are your weaknesses?

Food—You can bust your butt in the gym all day, but how you choose to refuel matters just as much.

Do not reward yourself with food you're not a dog
Are you pouring your guts out during the WOD, hitting it with everything you’ve got, just to go home and “reward” yourself with crappy, poor quality food? Are you unable to attack the workout because all you’ve had to eat was breakfast 10 hours ago? Are you subsiding on food-like substances because they are convenient? If you truly “are what you eat,” then don’t be fake, cheap and easy!

Attitude—Your thoughts define your actions

Are you coming into the gym already defeated because you’re not going to be perfect at the movements? Do you purposely avoid WODs for the same reason? What does that voice in your head tell you during the WOD? Does it tell you that you are kicking ass and keep it up, or does it say that you suck and should stop trying? Don’t let the words “can’t” or “too heavy” take residence in your mind during a WOD. Stay positive! You are your best ally.

Scaling—Just because you can do it prescribed doesn’t mean you should do it prescribed.

How are you scaling WODs? Do you insist on going “prescribed” regardless if it takes you 15 minutes to do a 10 minute WOD? Are you always the first one done because you go too light or too scaled? There’s a detriment to both extremes; going too heavy means your intensity takes a nose dive. Going too light on a WOD can stall strength gains.

Once you can identify some areas that need improvement beyond your double unders or pull ups, you might find that missing piece in your training. Not sure how to go about making those changes? Talk to a coach or veteran gym member for ideas. Chances are, somebody else has been where you are now and asking for help or advice does not make you weak!


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