Friday 5/10

5K Run

Quick Notes and Up Coming Events

  • Please make sure to use the front entrance (double doors) when arriving and leaving class while other classes are in session. Also, the front entrance will not be used for WODs. So if you’re running during the WOD, be sure to use the roll up doors. As usual, this is for safety, those front doors are a major blind corner and we’d like to avoid any mid WOD collisions. Besides, it’s a shorter distance out that door and we wouldn’t want you to cheat yourselves.
  • Nor Cal Regionals are May 24-26 in Santa Rosa. A group from the gym will be at Regionals throughout the weekend, so if you are interested in attending, maybe you can find someone to call pool with you.

Take a look at the video below and ask yourself what you’re doing to unplug and allow your brain to process. Maybe an hour a day focusing on nothing but movement and fitness does more than just improve your physical well being….


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