Monday 5/6

3 Rounds for reps:
2 min max double under
1 min max pull-up
Rest 2 min

Today’s WOD looks pretty straight forward…just go. However, today is a great day to focus on technique and get stronger in the process. For those of you who attended the double under seminar last Sunday, this is an excellent opportunity to employ the tips and techniques you received; not just to rack up reps, but to get stronger and more consistent in your double unders. If double unders are still a goat for you, be sure to focus on the little details of keeping your elbows tucked, flicking the wrist, and jumping in a straight line rather than piking or picking your knees up too high.

The same is true for the pull-ups. If you’re doing pull-ups with a band, don’t let yourself sneak a kip in just to try and increase your rep count. Sure, your number will be higher today, but you’re missing out on the strength-gain that strict pull-ups will give you. And for those of you who have kipping pull-ups, really focus on your kip technique. Don’t let your body break down and become floppy in an effort just to get your chin over the bar one more time…use your hips efficiently and lock in good form on every rep.

The focus on technique will pay off tremendously in the long run and turn you into a bad-ass, just like these athletes:


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