Tuesday 4/30

7 rounds for load and time of:

10 Push Jerk

10 Pull-ups

We are happy to announce the expansion of our Open Gym hours!

As the expansion continues to progress, one of the changes we’ll be implementing is more time for many of our members to play around in the gym. I remember back to the days when Amy and I were looking at opening CrossFit SAC and one of the best pieces of advice I got was to run a gym you’d want to be a member of. These expanded Open Gym times are an effort to accomplish just that.

Effective immediately, Monday through Friday at 4, 5, 6 and 7 we’re going to experiment with allowing for more play time to run concurrently with class time. There are, however, some guidelines within which this new Open Gym needs to operate.

– The MINIMUM requirement for attendance of Open Gym is 3 months of CrossFit and an Unlimited Membership.  All interested athletes need approval from Amy, Dan or Dave prior to attending Open Gym.

– Members who attend Open Gym must still attend a MINIMUM of THREE CrossFit classes per week to maintain their Open Gym eligibility.

– This new Open Gym will NOT be on the schedule for Mindbody and you will NOT need to sign up.

– Classes always take precedence over Open Gym. If there is an equipment conflict or an issue with space the class wins.

– As always, it’s Open Gym which means you will NOT be coached during this time, especially since it will be during the evening class times.

The hope is that this new access to Open Gym will allow our more experienced athletes to work on weaknesses or fine tune techniques that they may struggle with. Treat this time to get better at things you need to get better at, if you’re a pull up ninja don’t just do pull ups, if you’re a back squat machine maybe you don’t need to squat more today.

Don’t let us look over and see  any of this happening!


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