Monday 4/29

Find 10 Rep Max Deadlift

Just like last week with the Back Squat workout, we’ll be taking some time to work on the technique of the lift and make sure that everyone is moving as efficiently as possible prior to really loading up. Then you’ll get some time to start playing around with loading a bit and working up to the weight you’ve estimated might be your ten rep max. Once you’ve done that it’s GO TIME!

Watch the video below. No, it’s not a 10 rep max, it’s a 21 rep max but I want you to watch for the the things we look for when attempting a max effort for reps like this.

Notice that the pace is steady, not rushed.

His technique remains constant throughout the effort, he’s not rushing or taking too long between lifts.

All the major points we remind our athletes about on a daily basis – weight in the heels, bar close to the body, spine neutral – are constant.

He’s working HARD. Any sort of MAX effort lift needs to be exactly that… a MAXIMUM EFFORT! Don’t finish your 10th rep and tell us that you wish you’d put 10’s on the bar.



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