Monday 3/22

Three rounds at any pace of:
Max rep pull up
Max rep bench press @ 135/95
Max rep air squat in 60 seconds

One of the things I love so much about getting to travel to all the CrossFit seminars that I do is getting to see so many other gyms and how they do things. This gives me a really good perspective on the things they do that I really like as well as a good idea of the things they do that I might not be so fond of.

One of the things I’ve seen recently that I’d like to implement in our gym is a section of whiteboard (or a whole one depending on how much info you all want to put on there) dedicated to advice for new members. As many of you can attest to it’s often a daunting experience to get started with something like CrossFit and sometimes no matter how welcoming and encouraging we are as a coaching staff, our newer members find it difficult to adjust, accept or deal with how the workouts might be going.

To help with this I’d like to start an “Advice for new members” board where our community will be encouraged to leave messages for future members to read to help them with this new adventure in their lives.

These messages can be anything from “check your ego at the door” to “don’t forget high socks on rope climb day”.

Start thinking about what wisdom you might want to pass along to our new members and we’ll have a place for you to put it down soon.


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