Wedneday 4/17

Tabata Sit-ups

Run 1 mile

Tabata Sit-ups


Sunday April 28th from 10am to 12 we will be hosting a double under seminar from the folks at jumpNrope. The cost is just $45 and it’s sure to be a good time. If those pesky double unders are something that always seems to give you tourettes, maybe you have a date with us on the 28th. To sign up, follow this link

Today seems pretty straight forward, right? Not necessarily easy, but it’s not like we are doing extremely complicated or technical movements. That is, unless you were here for Friday’s 400m max effort run. For many people, Friday introduced a whole assortment of running drills and things to focus on — elbows bent, midline tight, break at the heel, not the hip, land on the forefoot… the list goes on… It’s understandable if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of trying to incorporate so many elements into your run!  So don’t, don’t try to tackle five different issues at once. Focus on one thing and stick to practicing it today. Many people are trying to unlearn a lifetime’s worth of bad habits and inefficient technique, this will take time to unlearn, but it means practice


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