Tuesday 4/16

Row 1k
Rest 15 minutes
Row 1k


We have made some tremendous progress in our expansion, in large part to the efforts of those who came in this weekend to help out. We still have much to do, and new equipment coming in later today. We are excited about this transformation and being able to offer more to our community. You guys are why we are doing this and you guys make it worth doing. So please bear with us and the cramped gym space and drywall footprints.


Today, as the nation’s attention is turned to Boston, and what is looking more and more like a terrorist attack, our thoughts and hearts go out to the victims of this heinous event. Many details about the motivations of this act have yet to be uncovered or divulged, but what the perpetrator(s) of this event failed to consider is how these acts of hate and cruelty bring out the best in us. From the first responders and good Samaritans who ran towards the blast, to reports of marathon runners changing route towards hospitals in order to give blood, people rose to the occasion to help complete strangers. Whatever the intentions were, the only thing proven by these attacks was that there are a lot of strong and compassionate people in Boston.


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