Saturday 4/13

Overhead Squat with a dowel

See 12/7/12, 4/6/12, 12/2/11

old space 4

The Original Space 11/2010

After the first knockdown 8/2011

After the first knockdown 8/2011

Where we are now

Where we are now

Today is the big day, where we take down another wall. It’s hard to imagine our original space, which seemed huge at the time. When we opened, we had no client base, no community connections, just a 1,500 sq. ft. space, barbells and a lot of hope! Fast forward three years and two other wall tear-downs. So much has changed; we have so many new faces in the gym and so many new friends. But more than anything, our initial goal when we opened has stayed the same. We are dedicated to making everyday life better for (everyday) people through CrossFit. Thank you all so much for making today a reality– without your commitment, dedication and trust, this would not be possible.

If you are able to stick around after the WOD to help tear down a wall, move equipment, or help organize, it would be much appreciated. If you have a Sawzall, or any other power tools or equipment you think might come in handy, slap your name on it and bring it on in!


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