Wednesday 4/10

Complete three rounds of:
Max handstand push-ups 3-minutes
Max pull-ups 2-minutes
Max squats 1 minute

Rest 2 Min


Sunday April 28th from 10am to 12 we will be hosting a double under seminar from the folks at jumpNrope. The cost is just $45 and it’s sure to be a good time. If those pesky double unders are something that always seems to give you tourettes, maybe you have a date with us on the 28th. To sign up, follow this link

Let’s talk about goals

As most of you know I set a pretty lofty goal for myself this past year to qualify for the Regional competition in the CrossFit Games. In order to reach this goal, in October I hired a coach for the first time and began training harder than I ever have in my life. That meant earlier mornings and later nights at the gym, time away from the people I care about. Hours and hours of extra work to improve my weaknesses, even more quality eating habits than normal and improving my recovery strategies with fish oil, vitamin D and recovery shakes. And lots of thank you’s and appreciation to those close to me that put up with the added burden of my training.

Just like any training regimen there were setbacks and triumphs, rocky roads and smooth ones. There were days when I really didn’t want to do the workout or the skills training that I was supposed to do. I often had to remind myself that I had set a goal and chosen to strive for something and I knew that if I slacked off or put in a half-assed effort no one else would probably know… but I would and that had to be enough.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I was a perfect model of motivation and discipline. I can’t say that I was the stoic athlete that just went about my business every day while mentally and physically throwing everything I had at the workout in front of me. What I can say is that I truly feel like I gave the best of what I had. I’m proud of the effort I put in and I’m proud of the outcome that was the result.

Did I make it to Regionals? No, in fact I was pretty far out of the running early on. But I take solace in the progress I made and the improvements show in the standings.

In 2012 I placed 604 in Nor Cal out of 2118 participants. Or in the top 29%.

In 2013 I placed 364 in Nor Cal our of 3697 participants. Or in the top 10%.

In the first workout of this year, 13.1, which called for descending numbers of burpees and ascending weights on snatches I got both more burpees and more snatches than I had in the workouts from the previous year from which this one was composed.

In 13.5, the final workout of this year which combined 100# thrusters and chest to bar pull ups, I got 77 reps done in 4 minutes. Last year in 12.5, during 7 minutes I only got 7 more reps (84) in 3 extra minutes.

Finally in my biggest improvement from last year, during 12.4( the wall ball, double under, muscle up fun) I successfully completed 8 muscle ups, which I was pretty happy with at the time. This year, during 13.3, which was the exact same workout, not only did I PR my Karen time by nearly a minute but I ended with 18 muscle ups, 10 more than in the year before. In addition to the improvements I made to the Open WODs, I also accomplished two goals I’ve had since I started CrossFit, a body weight snatch and a sub 3 minute Fran.

The point of all of this is not to try to make myself feel better about not getting to Regionals. The point here is that even though I didn’t meet my goal, it was in the act of striving for it that the true benefit lives. If I had never set that goal for myself I wouldn’t have had anything to be held accountable to or anything on the horizon to push towards. It was in setting and working towards something that had value to me that I found levels of motivation and determination that I had never experienced before.

This is what we want for you too! Use our goal board, think deeply and honestly about something you’d like to accomplish. Give yourself a deadline, and think about how you’re going to accomplish your goal. Then, most importantly,


Goals are meaningless if no one else has any idea that you’re working towards them. Put it out there and set your sights.

I know this video might seem a strange companion to this post but think if these people had never set a goal for themselves… we wouldn’t be watching them be the fastest anything.


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