Monday 4/1

For Time:
Team Car Pull

Due to Monday being a holiday, we were able to secure a parade permit, where traffic on Auburn Blvd between College Oak and Myrtle Ave. will be closed during class hours. Teams of four will go head-to-head, with each person having to pull either Amy’s Toyota Corolla or Dan’s Honda Civic the length of the block. Each person will have to pull at least 100 meters. Below are some acceptable methods to pull the car.

***Expansion Update***

As we continue to make progress in the expansion we are always trying to find ways to offer more services to our members. Here are some ideas that have been proposed:

  • “Cardio” Area– Don’t feel like lifting weights in the strength area? Then grab yourself an elliptical or recumbent bike and start moving. You are responsible for bringing your own magazines to read.
  • Juicebar– It’s important to replenish your glycogen stores after a hard WOD. With the proposed juice bar, you can get fresh juice and smoothies or a tasty vegan-friendly treat.
  • Yoga– There is a possibility of a yoga instructor coming a few times a week, but they are only available during our regular class time. So, we are thinking those overlap classes would be “quiet” WOD classes, where there is no music or dropping of the weights allowed. These will be hot yoga classes, so the fans will also be turned off during these times.

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