Thursday 3/14

On the Minute for 12 Minutes:
1st Minute
3 Pull up
6 Kb Swing @ 53/35
9 Toe 2 Bar

2nd Minute
3 Toe 2 Bar
6 Pull up
9 Kb Swing

3rd Minute
3 Kb Swing
6 Toe 2 Bar
9 Pull Up

Repeat for 12 Minutes

Ok CrossFit SAC fans, Open 13.2 has dropped and I don’t know about you but I’m excited!

This is a workout that EVERYONE can do, and they can all do it RX’d. For the barbell movements the prescribed weight for men is 115 and for women it’s 75. For the Masters divisions the weights are 95 and 55 respectively. For the box jumps they don’t even have to be a jump. Stepping up to the box is allowed in all divisions, as is stepping down.


It means that all of you are going to get the opportunity to perform the exact same workout as the rest of the world. Sure you may not get as many reps in as Rich or Annie but you’ll get some work done and you’ll get to test yourself against the rest of the CrossFitting world at large.

As with last week try to make it in on Saturday if at all possible so that you can join in with our community. If you can’t make it in Saturday you will have the option to perform the workout Thursday, Friday or even during Open Gym on Sunday morning. Again we just ask that you be patient and remember that classes will be running as well.


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