Monday 3/11

Three rounds of:
1 Min @ each station for reps
Wall-ball, 20/14 pound ball, 10 ft target
Power Clean @ 95/65 pounds
Push-press, 75/55 pounds
20′ Shuttle
Rest 1 Min
Let me start this post with one simple statement.  My wife is amazing.  There are countless reasons that I could be making that statement but the reason for my amazement today is that she is 23 weeks pregnant and still doing CrossFit five times a week.
When she first got pregnant, things at the gym didn’t change too much for her.  She could still handle heavy weights and ramp up her intensity at 3-2-1-GO!  But little by little, she has needed to modify movements and scale weights to accommodate for the growing belly and increased fatigue that pregnancy brings.  She also had to deal with a lot of “helpful” co-workers and friends who warned her that she should take it easy and maybe substitute CrossFit with something less intense (like yoga or water aerobics) because she shouldn’t be lifting weights or doing pull ups in her pregnant state.  But none of this has stopped her from coming to the gym on a regular basis and getting in a good workout.  It’s absolutely inspiring to see her in a class, still working hard to be the fittest she can be.  She knows she won’t be beating anyone or setting any new PRs, but she keeps trying to be better than yesterday because she knows that fitness can only help with labor, delivery, and life with our new baby.

So why am I publicly bragging about my amazing partner?  I hope it helps illustrate the fact that CrossFit is a fitness program that can suit any need at any time for anyone, regardless of their current level of fitness.  This is a program that can be scaled to accommodate for lack of flexibility, injury, or past sedentary lifestyle.  It can also be the workout routine of women in their second trimester and beyond.  It is the best way I have found to get a group of very different individuals to all get an awesome workout and accomplish things they never thought possible. So the next time you talk to a friend who is skeptical about CrossFit or the next time you want to skip out on a WOD because you’re tired, remember my amazing wife who hits a WOD five times a week. If she can get herself in the gym and push through that last minute, you can too! Let her inspire you the same way she inspires me!

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