Thursday 3/7

5 Rounds for time:
10 1 Arm Kb OH Lunge step with R arm @53/35
10 1 Arm Kb OH Lunge step with L arm @53/35
20 Sit Up

The Open Is Upon Us!

Just a reminder, if you’re coming in on Saturday plan to come in early and stay late. Every single athlete will need someone assigned to judge their performance, so heats will be running throughout the morning and the coaches will be working hard to facilitate a smooth and productive event.

If you cannot make Saturday’s class, you can do the WOD during regular class time or during Sunday’s Open Gym. If at all possible, try to coordinate with other members so that you come in at the same time to make up the Open WOD, to judge for each other. Otherwise, hang tight and be patient, you will be able to get the WOD done, it might just be at the end of class.

The winning team of the Food and Fitness Challenge has been announced! Congratulations to Team 1!

Each team should get a round of applause because each team won one of the six scoring components:
Team 5 won weight lost (by percentage) with 3.5% lost
Team 4 won body fat lost (by percentage) with 21.4% accumulative
Team 6 won lean mass gained (by percentage)
Team 3 improved their team mile time by 7.2%
Team 2 improved the most on their Clean & Jerk scores
Team 1 lost the most inches overall and by percentage, 18.75″/3.03%

Stay tuned for some “honorable mentions” for individual efforts. And we would love to hear about your experience during the challenge, what worked for you? What changes did you experience? And tips or advice next time we do a challenge? Have you had a cheat meal since the challenge ended and how did you feel afterward?


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