Friday 3/1

“Nasty Girls”
3 rounds for time
50 squat
7 muscle up
10 hang power clean @ 135/95

While “Fran” may be the benchmark WOD that people most quickly associate with CrossFit, for many, the above video of Nicole Carroll, Annie Sakamoto and Eva Twardokens doing “Nasty Girls” was the video that started their interest in CrossFit. While our job is not to ask how it is they came upon a video titled “Nasty Girls” on the internet,  there is much inspiration to be found in the performance of these original CrossFitters. From the squats to the strict muscle-ups to the hang power cleans (hook grip!),these ladies demonstrate some amazing athletic capacity.

We draw inspiration from different sources and sometimes it’s easy to forget what is was that inspired us in the first place. Next time you feel like you aren’t making progress, remember where you started. When you don’t feel like coming into the gym, remember how rewarding it is to overcome a challenging WOD. Rediscover your inspiration to keep doing great things, both in and out of the gym.



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