Thursday 2/28

For Time:
1000m run
50 push up
25 toe 2 bar
400 m run
25 push up
15 toe 2 bar
200m run
15 push up
5 toe 2 bar

We don’t usually run long distances in a WOD, at least not in one span. That first round is a great time to practice pose running, a more efficient way of running that places less stress on the ankles, knees and hips and utilizes the natural pull of gravity to help propel the runner forward. Many people don’t pay attention to how they are running, i.e. if they are “heel striking,” hunched over at the waist or running on their tip toes. These are common faults that can make your run inefficient and more taxing.

This video shows the impact placed on the body during each heal strike– up to 2.4x body weight of force on the joints. Yikes!

This next video is a compilation of Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt running. Watch this a few times. First, look at the feet of the runners, everyone is landing mid-foot. Second, look at where their body is in relation to their foot. Even though it looks like they are reaching out with their foot, by the time it lands, their body is right over their foot. Lastly, look at their heads. I know it sounds weird, but watch how they just glide along the track with very little vertical movement. Instead of bouncing up and down on the run, they are channeling all of that energy forward by moving efficiently. Keep in mind that this is a sprint, so there will be subtle differences in the length of stride and how high the foot is pulled up, but not in overall technique.

To help illustrate this, here is a slow motion video of a 800m race.


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