Tuesday 2/26

Power Snatch @ 95/65

With the Open fast approaching (T minus 9 days and counting when this posts) there are some things I want to make sure are clear going in.

-Each Saturday for the 5 weeks of the Open the gyms workout will be that week’s Open workout. So if you show up on Saturday plan to come in early and stay late to help Judge and generally create an awesome experience for everyone involved.

– If you plan on participating at all I highly recommend the Online Judges Course. It is NOT mandatory but it is a fantastic way to ensure you are aware of the sort of things you’ll be asked to look for while Judging your fellow CrossFitters during the Open, and it only costs $10. Please keep in mind that if you attend Saturday classes, you WILL be asked to Judge others (their workouts… by counting reps and validating range of motion… not them as people)

– If you can’t make it in to a Saturday class for any reason, don’t worry we have options. If you know ahead of time that you won’t be able to attend on Saturday you can perform the workout any class time after it’s announced on Wednesday. We only ask for your patience and understanding with this as it will generally be a coach Judging you and we’ll need to make sure that the actual class going on is still attended to properly. That said, I know that I won’t be there for any Saturday so I’m already trying to plan the best time for me to hit the WOD’s prior to my travel each weekend. We are also considering having Open Gym on Sunday morning. Let us know if you would be interested in attending Open gym.

– As with every other workout we do there will of course be scaling options available, but one of the goals of the Open is to test yourself against others. With that in mind we will certainly be encouraging you all, when it is safe and prudent, to perform as much of the workout as RX’d as possible. You never know, you might just surprise yourself, we honestly see it happen EVERY YEAR.


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