Friday 2/15

Thrusters @ 95/65
Pull ups

See 11/16

What better way to celebrate Benchmark Friday, than with the ultimate CrossFit WOD? I like to think of “Fran” as the secret handshake of CrossFit. Each gym has their own intro WOD and some do their own programming, but in all likelihood they have done “Fran” before. So why is this WOD so special? Why are shirts printed with references to this WOD and not “Cindy” or “Angie?” Why is the lingering cough that develops after the WOD called “Fran lung” and not “Karen cough?”  Probably, because “Fran” is so deceptive. She looks so unassuming and sweet, but at some point (usually at the round of 15) you realize this  “girl” isn’t some sweet debutante but really a chain-smoking, backstabbing harlot that curses like a sailor, or at least makes you feel like you chain-smoke and want to curse like a sailor.

However, this WOD is more than thrusters and pull ups; it’s not just a test of physical strength and endurance but mental fortitude. Those who have world record “Fran” times obviously have a solid foundation of fitness to draw upon, however, they also possess the ability to endure the enormous amount of physical discomfort that comes with pushing through this workout. They have the ability to go unbroken on the thrusters even when their arms and legs ache and stay on the pull up bar when their lungs are burning and their hips are tired.

This isn’t meant to scare you aware from the workout, but to get you ready to bring your A-game. Doing “Fran” prescribed or scaled is a badge of honor that you earn and should wear proudly. So just remember, the sooner you finish, the faster it’s over.


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