Thursday 2/14

For time:
Accumulate 1 min L-Sit
4 rounds of:
12 Pull Up
15 Power Clean @ 115/75
400m Run
Accumulate 1 min L-Sit

This Saturday we will be having a Food Challenge potluck after the 10 am class. Please bring something that falls within the food challenge rules and make sure to label it if it has grains in it. It would also be helpful to bring a copy of the recipe or write down where you found the recipe.

It was great to see all the comments the other day about how the food challenge is progressing. Just remember that this is all part of a process. The first step is becoming more aware of how the choices we make effect so many things about how we feel and how we perform. Many of you are beginning to see why food plays such an important role in health because it is literally fuel for the body; it’s the gas that makes our engines run.

This greater awareness will serve you well beyond the end of our Food Challenge and into other areas of your lives. No one’s saying that you’re never going to eat sugar or grains again, but it’s going to be helpful to know what it feels like to remove those harmful stimuli from your system so that you can find a happy balance at some point.

Keep up the good work teams!


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