Monday 2/11

For time:
30  Overhead squat 95/65
7 Muscle-ups
20  Overhead squat 95/65
5 Muscle-ups

If you’ve just read the WOD and your heart sank because the thought of all of those overheard squats makes your shoulders and hips angry, you are not alone. However, flexibility is component of fitness that extends beyond getting into a good overhead position in the squat or a more comfortable rack position. Being flexible means that you can look over your shoulder to back out of your driveway or that you can bend over and tie your shoes. Unfortunately, flexibility or joint mobility is something that we, as a society, let slip.  Being able to move through a full range of motion shouldn’t be an accomplishment, it should be the norm, but in a world of desk jobs, 2 hour commutes and toilets, our flexibility decreases little by little with each passing year. That is, unless you decide to do something about it. If you dread overhead squats because you can’t get into a good position, you may want to consider doing more about it. The same goes for any other movement which requires a full range of motion (i.e. everything we do!). Come in before class and devote some time to your mobility. Ask a coach or explore the Mobility WOD page for ideas. Flexibility will improve with time, but the speed of that improvement depends on how long you haven’t been moving your joints in a full range of motion, and how much time you choose to invest in improving your mobility.


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