Thursday 2/8

For time: 75 Shoulder to Overhead @ 45/35 Db
*At the top of each minute, perform 4 burpees

Are you still on the fence about participating in the Open? What’s holding you back? Are you worried about not being able to do something? Concerned that the competition of it all will be too much for you?

These are all completely natural ways to respond to this event. They’re also unnecessary!

This is a time of year I absolutely love because the energy in our gym is rarely higher.

This is a time to test yourself, not against others, but against all the things you never thought you’d be able to do. I can’t imagine a better way to do this than to throw your hat in the ring and say.. I’M IN! Whatever workouts are posted I’m going to do everything I can to complete as much as possible as it’s written. Whatever they throw at me I’m going to fight, tooth and nail against and at the end of it all, when the dust has cleared, I’m going to be a stronger person for it. I’m going to come out the other side fitter, both mentally and physically, and more capable of meeting whatever life has in store for me.

We have NEVER had one of our athletes (and make no mistake, you are ALL athletes) regret participating in the Open.

Join us!


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