Monday 2/4

Five rounds for time of:
10 Toes to bar
10 Power snatch 75/55
10 Wall ball 20/14

Amy here, and I’ve got a little story to tell. It starts about three years ago in the Spring of 2010. Before the Open Sectionals, anyone who wanted to try to get to the Games went to Regionals; there was no per-qualifying, just sign-up, show up and throw down. Unlike Regionals, or even Open Sectionals now, there was even a scaled division. Despite that, I didn’t participate in Regionals because I was scared that I would come in last or embarrass myself. However, after seeing the scaling options available, I kicked myself for letting that opportunity pass me by. I told myself that I would start competing more and doing things outside my comfort zone.

The following year, CrossFit announced the Open Sectional, where any and everybody could participate, people could even send in a video of them doing the WOD if they didn’t live near an affiliate. So I signed up, nervous and excited to see how all of this would turn out. The first two WODs were manageable. Then 11.3, the third WOD was released and my heart sank. It was 5 minutes max rep squat clean and jerk at 110 pounds for the ladies. At the time my max clean, on a good day, was 105 pounds. The good news was that the clean and the jerk were scored separately, so all I had to do was clean the bar. Just once.  But I would have to PR on my clean to stay in the Opens and only have 5 minutes to do it.  I went into that WOD with so much anxiety, putting it off until the last day to submit scores. It took a couple of attempts, but I got that damn bar to my shoulders! I didn’t get it over head, but I was still in the competition.

The last WOD was essentially an ascending Fran, starting with 3 thrusters and 3 chest-to-bar pulls ups. I had just started doing unassisted pull ups, so chest-to-bar was just beyond my reach. But I could do the three thrusters and finish the Open Sectionals. In the end, when all the scores were submitted, I came in dead last in our region. That was a huge blow to my ego, but then I realized I came in last out of the people who finished, my ranking didn’t count the people who weren’t able to do at least one rep prescribed or who gave up half way.

I’m not saying I have perfected the art of jumping out of my comfort zone, but I know I wouldn’t have entered into a weightlifting competition if I hadn’t had that previous exposure. And I would be kicking myself for missing out on that opportunity as well. Hell most of the time I feel like this when I’m out there on stage:


But it’s fun and scary and I wouldn’t trade that feeling of accomplishment for anything.

The programming for the  2012 CrossFit Open was even better and more accessible to a broader range of people. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with this year. I understand that some of you are skeptical about registering because you might not do well. I get that, really. However, to that I say you’re a CrossFitter! Throwing yourself into uncomfortable, uncertain and challenging situations is what you do, and what you have been doing since you started. If you sit this out, you are missing out on an opportunity to surprise yourself and to rise to the occasion. When you find that you will survive not being perfect or coming in dead last, you’ll find that other risks and challenges don’t seem so scary. So stop making excuses and register!


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