Friday 1/25

The Chief
Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power cleans @ 135/95
6 Push-ups
9 Squats
Rest 1 minute.
Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

The 2013 Nutrition and Fitness Challenge

Saturday, February 2nd marks the beginning of the food challenge and will continue through Saturday, March 2nd (and the rest of your lives?). We will have two levels of participation, no sweeteners and a no sweetener, no grain level, see detail below. There will be a $10 buy-in and here is where things change from previous challenges, we will have teams! The size and quantity of the teams will depend on how many people decide to participate.

The Rules:

Level 1– No Sweeteners: Notice we used the word “sweetener” and not sugar. Why is that? Well, food manufacturers are very savvy and know that consumers are starting to avoid sugar and high fructose corn syrup, so they have a few tricks up their sleeve to make foods with added sugar appear healthy. These tricks include putting the word “organic” before each of the ingredients, using the word “syrup” instead of sugar and using three or four different types of sweeteners (ingredients have to be listed by volume, so by using three different sweeteners, the volume of each is much lower, thereby placing them lower on the list. Well done food manufacturers, well done indeed). Using “Sweetener” instead of sugar helps to make the challenge easier to follow/ removes loopholes. “Sweetener” also includes “natural” sweeteners like stevia, as well as artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose and sugar alcohols like xylitol and sorbitol. The only exception to this rule is if your protein powder or post-WOD recovery drink contains these ingredients. And while we are making exceptions, fruit juice is off limits for the month as well. I don’t care if you make the juice yourself. How many oranges does it take to make a glass of orange juice? Five, maybe six? Can you eat five or six oranges in one sitting? No! So don’t start your day with a giant dose of sugar, natural or otherwise.

Level 2– No sweeteners and no grains: Same rules as Level 1 regarding the sweeteners with the addition of eliminating grains as well. So what is the definition of a grain? The usual suspects such as wheat and oats are out, but so is rice and corn. Yep, they’re grains! And even though quinoa is not technically a grain, it is close enough to be on the “no” list. On a side note, the increase in demand is also leading to agro-economic upheaval in Bolivia and Peru.

Our Goal

The next four weeks might be challenging, but hopefully they are also eye opening. Many people don’t realize how much of an effect sugar and grains have on their mental clarity, physical performance and digestive health until they remove it completely from their diet. Remember, weight loss is only one aspect of this food and fitness challenge, so even if you are happy with your weight, you can still participate as we will also be measuring lean mass gained as well as improvement in physical performance.

It might be hard giving up bread and pasta, but please, let’s not get to this point:

How it Works

Saturday, Feb. 2 will kick things off with a WOD! This WOD is be our baseline which we will then re-test at the end of the challenge.  After the Saturday morning class, we will have a Q&A session about the challenge, get starting weights, measurements, take pictures (optional) and get teams assigned. If you cannot attend either of the Saturday classes, you need to make arrangements with a coach to do the baseline WOD, weigh-in, etc.

How to Win

We will use four measures to determine the winning team: Most weight lost (by percentage), most fat lost (by percentage), most lean mass gained (by percentage) and biggest improvement in physical performance. We will be using the Navy circumference method to determine fat and lean mass percentage. The team with the most combined points splits the buy-in pot and gets T-shirts!


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