Thursday 1/24

Seven rounds for time of:

12 Thruster @ 75/55
9 Toes-to-bar
Run 200 meters with a 20/14 pound medicine ball

Squats are important. If you haven’t picked that up from your time at our gym then we’re doing something wrong. There is literally no movement more foundational to human life than a squat. It is how we raise and lower our center of gravity. It is how we bring our bodies to the ground and to standing. In many cultures it is still a position of rest. For all us is it is how we were designed to eliminate waste from our bodies.

Some countries like Russia and parts of Asia and the Middle East still use toilets that are essentially holes in the ground, such as the one pictured below.


I know this is a bit of a strange topic for a blog generally concerned about fitness, but hear me out. How many of you looked at the picture above and thought “there’s no way I could use that thing”? Now as yourself what you would do if you were camping in the woods. I don’t mean at a nice campground with showers and toilets and running water. I mean camping, out in the woods away from everything. Human beings for since the dawn of man have been squatting on the ground as a part of every day life. It’s only been very recently with the inventions that were ushered in by industrialization and civilization that we have forgotten how to squat.

Part of our mission has always been to help you regain the ability to squat that you were born with and have lost through years of neglect. Maybe these toilets are the answer?

Yeah, probably not… we’ll keep air, front, overhead, and back squatting. But at least this is good for some entertainment and discussion.


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