Tuesday 1/22

AMRAP 12 Min:
12 Box Jump @ 24/20
7 Hand Release Push Up
7 Chest 2 Bar Pull Up

Below is a basically a highlight reel from a recent competition that took place in the Los Angeles area called the OC Throwdown. It’s truly amazing to me to see how far our sport has come in the such a short time. Any one of the top 10 women competing here probably would have WON the CrossFit Games 4 or 5 years ago and now they’re taking 8th place in an off season competition. It’s mind boggling.

But what it demonstrates beautifully is that for ALL of us there is always something to improve upon. We can, each of us, always get better.

After all that’s what it says on our wall right?

Be Better Than Yesterday is not simply a slogan it’s a statement about what we strive for each and every day in the gym. It might not shake out that way all the time, we can’t always expect a PR, but that general improvement towards a distant horizon is the focus.

Keep your eyes on that target, keep showing up and great things will happen!


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