Friday 1/18

20min AMRAP
400m Run
Max Rep Pull Up

See 7/21
Registration for the 2013 CrossFit Open Sectionals start Jan. 30th. Last year, more than 55,000 people registered for the Open– people from all walks of life with different levels of fitness. Did these 55,000 people all expect to get to the Games or even to Regionals? Probably not, but they wanted to challenge themselves and be a part of something that was bigger than themselves and bigger than their gym. It’s $20 to register; it will be scary at times, and there is no telling what WODs might appear between 3/6 and 4/7, but one thing is certain, you will not be alone. You are going to be going through the same WOD as tens of thousands of people all over the world.

We are working out the final details of the upcoming food challenge and will post all of the information next week. In the mean time, let’s start getting you primed for the month ahead. Those of you who have been around for previous challenges probably have an idea of what to expect and while there may be some changes here and there, one thing will never change, we will not be counting calories (hopefully there was a collective sigh of relief). I know that pretty much every conventional source of fitness and nutrition information will hammer the importance of tracking calories and burning more calories than you eat in order to lose weight. That’s really working out for our country, isn’t it?

There are many problems with relying on calorie restriction to lose weight, some are more complex than others. Typically, people are told that weight loss = calories in – calories out and that to lose a pound, a person must burn 3,500 calories. These are painful oversimplifications of how the human body utilizes energy (food) and typically results in people depriving their bodies of much needed energy and nutrients. The other problem is that by putting an emphasis on calories,  food quality and nutritional density often get overlooked and the joy of eating is lost. The idea of counting calories and eating no-fat/low-fat food has been instilled in our society for the last 40 years and it’s hard to throw off that blanket of conventional wisdom, but it’s important to understand your body needs nourishment and it’s not going to get it from a Healthy Choice frozen dinner.

Instead of calories, we will be looking at quality of food, i.e. did it grow out of the ground, or did eat things that grew out of the ground (or ocean)? Did it come in a cardboard box? Does it have an expiration date? Will it expire before the end of the week or before your kids leave for college? Would your grandmother or great grandmother recognize the item in question? If it’s organic, free-range, grass fed, that’s even better but not required. During the food challenge, we will also discuss the importance of fat, protein and carbohydrates and that your body benefits from all of these macronutrients. The goal for this challenge is to not only get you guys to start making better food choices, but to learn about how food fuels, restores and protects your body.


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