Thursday 1/17

AMRAP 3 Min:
4 burpee
8 Ground to Overhead @ 95/65
Rest 3 MIN
3 rounds

You’ll see a couple different types of lifts going on in the video below but the common theme with all of them is that they accomplish the same task. Namely, they deliver the bar from the ground to a position of controlled lockout overhead. That’s the name of the game today!

As many of you have noticed there have been some times where we have some newer coaches teaching classes and intros. We have also had some interested parties doing some “shadowing” in order to learn more of the ins and outs of how we do things.

First off I would like to thank our wonderful community for making these coaches feel welcomed and appreciated. You’ve given them the respect and attention they deserve. Secondly I’d like to make sure that you all know that any training or shadowing or other coaching that goes on in our box is always geared towards delivering all of you the best possible experience we can.

More coaches means more sets of eyes which means more opportunity to keep all of you moving safely and efficiently.

More coaches means more people for you to ask your questions to, whether it be about something specific to today’s workout, (how should I scale this, or what’s a hang squat snatch again) something food related (what about oranges) or anything else.

We always want to be able to better serve you!


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