Friday 1/11

1K Row
50 Thrusters 45/35
30 Pull up

See 11/13, 12/30/11


Saturday Jan 12 we will be hosting CrossFit Roseville just as they hosted us last month. Once again we will be preparing ourselves for the upcoming CrossFit Open by completing a prior Open WOD. Come early and be prepared to stick around to judge and cheer. The doors will be open at 8:30 to allow for people to come in early to foam roll, sign waivers, start warming up, etc. and we will start promptly at 9 am.

Hidden Sugar
We are in the midst of New Year’s resolutions to eat better, cut out processed foods, drink less soda, you get the idea. However, even the best of intentions can lead to stifled results if you are not paying attention. Foods that seem healthy, like fruit juices and flavored yogurt (Greek or otherwise), can still be full of added sugar. Recently, the San Francisco Chronicle ran an article by Dr. Robert Lustig on these added sugars and how they present a road block in the fight against obesity, which you can read here.

Dr. Lustig’s “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” is often cited as one of the most comprehensive presentations of why sugar is killing us. It’s also pretty dense. So here’s the original video and the Cliff notes version.


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