Saturday 12/29

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Sumo Deadlift High Pull @ 95/65
Lateral jumps, over 24/20″ obstacle


For New Years Eve there will be only a 9am class. We will be closed on Tuesday. Please come on in even if the class is full, we’d love to see you!

Rule #1 – Goals must be stated in the positive.

Rule #2 – Goals must be measurable.

and now …

Rule #3 – Goals should be means to an end, not an end in and of themselves.

We’ll continue with our pull up improvement as our example here and use rule #3 to continue to refine what we’re after. It’s great to have “20 unbroken pull ups with the green band” as a goal, it’s certainly measurable and clearly stated in the positive. The problem I have with this goal is that it’s just sort of hanging out there without a clear direction as to exactly how one should go about attaining that goal. It’s like knowing that you want to travel to Albuquerque but not having a map so just driving fast in some aimless direction. You’ll make progress, and you might actually be heading in the right direction but it won’t be the best path towards your destination.

Goal setting is no different.

With this in mind, let’s again restate our pull up goal, knowing that the end state we want to achieve is to be able to accomplish 20 unbroken pull ups with the green band. It might look like this…

“do the pull up club every chance I get or do a max set with the green band before I leave class, to get to 20 unbroken pull ups with the green band”.

Now we have a goal that’s stated in the positive, it’s measurable and we have a road map to get us there!


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