Thursday 12/5

3 rounds for time:
14 Overhead Lunge @ 95/65
20 Weighted Sit Up @ 45/35
30 Double Under

The Holidays are fast approaching, and for many of us that means mandatory family time. This can certainly be a positive thing, but not always. With that in mind I though this post fitting for today’s thought.

From CrossFit Lisbeth

Be Careful Of Your Company

Don’t surround yourself with people who demand little of you. Don’t fill your life only with people you can easily surpass. Shy away from the yes men and the “You know it, Bro!”

Learn to think for yourself and lift for yourself, yet still manage to serve other people. Let them be your motivators, but never your crutches. Your ego is not so fragile that failure will break it into a million pieces.

You will survive bad lifts, bad loves, and foolish choices.

And you will survive finding new friends, if the old ones are holding you back.

Be careful, very careful, of the company you keep. These people are also helping to determine your destiny.


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