Wednesday 12/5

Back Squat


Remind me again why you can’t squat? Nothing is more important to athletic potential or fitness than one’s capacity to squat. More than that, if an accomplished athlete has a deficiency in the squat, we can be sure that he or she is operating at a fraction of their potential.

When Coach Glassman was running CrossFit Santa Cruz he trained the Olympic Ski team. Not long into their time with him he realized that they had only been training quarter squats and could do only one or two pull ups. By the end of the summer the team had obviously been squatting to full depth for a few months and could now do on average 15-20 pullups. Strangely enough their times improved on the slope. Now why exactly squats and pullups help people ski faster is certainly a topic we could debate. What is irrefutable however is the fact that improving their squats and pullups made them better skiers.

Luckily for us these are the things we do in the gym nearly every day. So let’s keep working on those squats and maybe once the snow hits the mountains some of you can go test out your skiing/


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