Wednesday 11/28

For time:
150 Wall Ball @ 20/14

See 3/17/12, 3/23/11

This month has been a butt-kicker, no doubt! Hopefully, our month of benchmarks has exposed you to some infamous workout and has given you a better appreciation for the “Girls” and Hero WODs and why we make a point of doing these WODs on Friday, aka “Benchmark Friday.” However, it is important to keep perspective through all of this, now and in the future. At some point, we will do the WODs of this month and other benchmarks again; it may be weeks for some or months bordering on a year before we do others. In that time, you will get stronger and faster if you stay consistent in you training and diet. That does not mean that you will always PR though. In fact, the longer you CrossFit, the more you will discover that there are some moves or lifts that don’t progress as quickly as others. That is okay and perfectly natural. It is also natural to start seeing those missed PR’s as a an embodiment of who you are as a person; that you’re not good enough because you haven’t lost x number of pounds or that you haven’t gotten a pull up by now, etc. This is when a big ol’ step back is in order. Remember where you started, how much you have improved physically and mentally because that’s what is important, not the fact that you aren’t where you “should” be by now. Your body is going to progress at the rate at which it’s going to progress. Stay the course, but don’t let those speed bumps make you into a failure.

An excerpt from
I Am Not My Deadlift, and Other Ways I Don’t Measure My Fitness
by Danette “Dizzle” Rivera,

I am not my deadlift. I am not my slow-progressing front squat. What I am is consistency. I am my willingness to give it a go another day whether the previous results were good or bad. I am my excitement to train. I am how great I feel. I am my ability to help others improve their own strength and overall health even if they then pass me with better numbers. This is how I measure my fitness. These things define me more honestly than any graph or charted data.

Scale number, body fat tests, improved workouts, and weights lifted are simply markers. I celebrate any noted progress forward, but these numbers only mark where I am for now and nothing more. Regardless of any number, I feel fantastic, better than I ever have. It’s hard to find empirical data to track feelings, but for me everything else comes in a very distant second.

To read the entire article, click here.


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