Monday 11/26

21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips

See 3/4

We have a couple of announcements about some changes around the gym and upcoming events.

For the last few weeks, Calvin has been shadowing classes and intros in preparation of taking on more responsibilities around the gym. So do not be alarmed by the man in the corner, it is only Calvin taking notes.

Ugly Sweaters
December 15th is CrossFit SAC’s Third Annual Ugly Sweater Holiday Party/ Pot luck! You would think that after these years of ugly sweater parties, all of the ugly sweaters of the world would have been discovered at thrift stores and burned, fortunately that is not the case. December is right around the corner, so get a leg up on other ugly sweater party-goers and start shopping now. Friends and family are invited (ugly sweater optional). Just like last year, there will be a prize for the sweater voted the ugliest. In need of some inspiration? Not sure if your sweater is Ugly Sweater Party worthy? Here are the winners of the last two years, and some other honorable mentions.

Top three Ugly Sweaters of 2011

Inaugural Ugly Sweater winner 2010

Ugly Sweater Party 2011

Though these sweaters were not sufficiently ugly enough to win, the picture is sufficiently awkward enough to earn an honorable mention.

Weightlifting Meet
The last weightlifting meet of the year will be held December 15th in San Francisco. The 2012 PWA Record Breakers is the last opportunity to PR your total. This should be a fun event and is structured differently than a traditional meet, going by weight on the bar rather than weight class. However, in order to participate, you must be a USAW member and wear a singlet. Click here for more info.


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