Saturday 11/10


75 Power snatches 75/55

In observance of Veteran’s Day, we will only have one class on Monday at 9 am. Don’t worry if it is full, just come on in. And no, this isn’t a trick to get you into the hot dog suit.

I’ve already discussed my love of weightlifting, which is completely different than lifting weights, by the way. I have also noticed that some the folks in the gym are getting much stronger and more proficient in the Olympic lifts as well (Barbell Club meets Mondays and Saturdays if you feel like you need to hone your skills). This is especially exciting to see in our female members. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I have a soft spot for female weightlifters, mainly because I am female and I know how intimidating it can be to do something that has traditionally been a man’s sport (did you know that women weren’t allowed to compete in weightlifting at the Olympics until 2000, what’s up with that?). A friend of mine and fellow gym owner mentioned an article she posted for her athletes written by Aimee Anaya Everett (the chick in the technique posters by the door, who is an amazing Olympic lifter). This article is full of some helpful tips for you budding female weightlifters. And guys, there is some advice that is relevant to you too, but hopefully not the stuff about skinny jeans…

10 Things New Women Weightlifters Should Know
Aimee Anaya Everett | October 1 2012

10 Things New Women Weightlifters Should Know, Aimee Anaya Everett,

1. Lift with other girls. Lifting with men is motivating; however, they just don’t understand certain things. Such as why we act crazy in the gym. Only girls can understand why you have to turn up Fergalicious or Beat It on Pandora to pump you up and/or have you break out in your PR dance. I think other girls, especially those who you have built a strong friendship with and have a sense of loyalty to, will keep you motivated even on the worst of days, and be smiling and cheering with you on the best of days. It’s like a secret club, but better.

2. Know that you will cry. Weightlifting digs down in to the deepest parts of your soul, and digs up some fierce emotions. You will cry because you made a lift you have been working so hard for; you will cry when you miss a lift. You will cry when your coach yells at you, and you will cry because your BFF training partner just had a break through. You will cry because you want to quit, and you will cry because you don’t. You will cry because you’re afraid. These crying episodes do not make you a cry-baby-titty-mouse; they make you passionate about what you care about: the barbell and being on the platform.

3. Your cute skinny jeans aren’t going to fit anymore. Your body is going to change. You are going to build muscles, develop traps and back muscles. Your legs are going to get big. This doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy and feminine. There is a big misconception that lifting will make girls manly. I don’t agree—many of our top weightlifters in this country are beautiful and sexy! You just have to know that you’re going to have to give up the Kate Moss look and recognize your ass is going to be like JLo’s and your quads are not going to squeeze into skinny jeans anymore. You’re going to start living in your Lulus and want to wear jeans less and less. You see, you’re going to have to move from a size 27 to a size 31, simply so your ass and legs can fit. Then you are going to have 4 extra inches of waist just hanging out all loose and poking out above your butt because your waist will likely still be pre-lifting small. You will have to wear long shirts; otherwise when you sit down everyone will see your butt crack as the jeans ride half way down your ass. This will happen. Just accept it now. But despite your problems with finding jeans, you can still wear high heels and dresses and look hot. You will have a nice ass and quads and a sexy back—flaunt that shit!

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