Friday 11/9

AMRAP 12 Min

12 Box Jump @ 24/20
6 Thruster @ 95/65
6 Bar-facing burpee

Today marks a very special day for us at CrossFit SAC. Not all of you have had the pleasure of sharing a class with him because he’s usually here so early in the morning but unfortunately today, this Friday, marks his final class with us. He’s worked his butt off (literally) every morning and most Saturdays and shared sweat, grunts and laughs with many of you.

Of course I’m talking about none other than our very own Mike Miller!

Throughout his time with us Miller has shown an amazing amount of dedication and fortitude. Not many people stick with the 6am class as diligently as he has, but he just keeps showing up day after day. This dedication is easily visible in the 6 month gap between pictures when he started with us and it’s even more apparent if you were to see him today. Miller is a perfect example of exactly what CrossFit can do for you if you are willing to put in the work.

I know that as a coach not only have I seen weight loss and muscle gain in Mike over the time he’s trained with us but I’ve also seen a difference in the way he carries himself. There is a new found confidence in his demeanor and I dare say a sense of pride in what he’s been able to accomplish.

Mike leaves us for greener pastures (by way of a new job) in the bay area and though he’ll be gone he won’t soon be forgotten. You’ll be missed Mike, your attitude was something I hope future members of our CrossFit SAC family emulate and I know that wherever you end up they’ll be happy to have you! Best of luck!


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