Monday 10/22

Fifteen rounds of:
Power snatch followed immediately by five overhead squats.

Even top level athletes and coaches can use some advice. What would you suggest to Sarah to help her improve her performance?

Our Job as Coaches

At the beginning of every class, when our members come through the doors we are responsible for their well being. We are there to help ensure that the workout is being performed in a safe and effective manner and that everyone gets the most out of their hour in the gym. This is something we take very seriously. The night before, the coaches discuss the goals of the WOD; the target time domain, intention of the WOD, should it be on the heavy side or be more of a pedal to the metal type of day, possible scaling options/substitutions. We are constantly checking MindBody to know who will be in class so that we can anticipate scaling options and equipment needs. Have we perfected this? No, of course not. There are still days where we suggest a weight that is too light or too heavy or the workout runs longer than intended. However, we learn from these situations and our mission remains the same, we want to make you stronger, faster and more fit so that you can enjoy a long, active, independent life.

We are your coaches and we take the trust you place in us to heart, which is why we might cut reps during a high volume WOD, or suggest going (much) lighter than prescribed. After all, this is what you are paying us to do. There are plenty of gyms, traditional and CrossFit alike, where the level of coaching is nonexistent and people are essentially renting the equipment. While some people might prefer this lack of coaching, no one benefits from it. We can all stand to improve our quality of movement and even coaches need coaching.  However, to us coaching is not simply writing the WOD on the board and turning on the timer, it means cuing like “keep your back tight” or “drive your knees out” and enforcing range of motion standards, like getting your chin over the bar on a pull-up. Coaching also means being the voice of reason.  It might not be best for the ego to be cut off a round premature or to have some weight stripped off the bar, but we want you to be able to keep moving, and to do it safely.

What We Need From You

This gym works at its best when everyone works together; when everyone shows up on time, ready to face the WOD ahead of them. We understand that traffic, kids, school and meetings can throw a wrench in the best laid plans, which is why we don’t have a late policy/punishment. Just don’t make it a habit. If you show up late, be ready to hit the ground running. Also, be mindful of the other people in class; respect their time by coming to class prepared and taking advantage of down time, i.e. waiting for others to finish the warm-up, as an opportunity to go to the bathroom, tape up or get water. If you know you need to tape your hands or wrists for the workout, don’t wait to do until we are about to start the clock.

Come mentally prepared too. If you’re having a bad day, take it out on the workout, not your coach or the people around you. Please also keep in mind that there is a fine line between humorous sarcasm and negativity. Complaining about the workout or the warm-up isn’t going to make anything easier. We’re all essentially doing the same WOD and nobody needs someone pointing out how awful the WOD is going to be, we are well aware. Your attitude before and during the WOD can have such a profound effect on your performance and the performance of those around you. Don’t underestimate the power of a group and the influence just one person can have in making that group experience a positive one, so be there for each other! Laura wrote a great blog post Saturday about how important it is to cheer for each other during the WOD. I know some people would rather be left alone during those last few minutes of a workout, but don’t assume that other people wouldn’t appreciate some encouragement. You don’t have to say anything profound, just being there to make some noise and show support speaks volumes on its own.


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