Wednesday 10/17

For time:
30 Thruster @ 75/55

3 Rope climb

20 Thruster @ 75/55

2 Rope climb

10 Thruster @ 75/55

1 Rope Climb


Barbell For Boobs is Saturday, 10/20. You don’t have to donate to participate, though any contributions will be appreciated. Just like last year’s  B4B or an event like FGB or Hope, we will be running heats but please sign up for class (see above). All are welcome to attend, even if you have already attended three classes. If you are interested in donating, follow the link to our Barbell for Boobs page, here.

So today Men’s Health magazine released a list of what they call the 100 Fittest Men of All Time. As you might imagine this list piqued my interest and I simply had to take a look. To my surprise one of the first things the magazine did was define it’s terms. Since I majored in Philosophy in college I can appreciate the importance of defining what exactly it is your about to quantify. Unfortunately this was what they came up with… “Fitness, as we define it here at Men’s Health, isn’t just about how much you can lift, how fast you can sprint, or how many records you’ve broken. It’s also about what else you do with the body you build – the people you inspire, and the legacy you leave behind.”

So apparently in the opinion of Men’s Health, a magazine responsible for shaping the opinions of millions of people in terms of their views on Health and Fitness puts as much emphasis on mostly unquantifiable terms like “legacy” and “inspiration”.

This brings me to the real point of this post today, one of the many many things I was so attracted to when I discovered CrossFit all those years ago. In CrossFit we define EVERYTHING in a quantifiable way. That means that fitness, as we define it is not some flowery, obscure term that just gets thrown around. It means that for us the definition of fitness is –

Work capacity across broad time and modal domains.

So what exactly does that mean? Glad you asked.

Work capacity – your ability to do work. I.E. can you move the thing, yourself? How far? How fast?

Broad time – this means short duration (think 1 rep max 5 rep max, or even 1 to 2 minutes), medium duration; 5-15 minutes; long duration anything from 20 minutes to hours. Someone who is truly fit can perform in all these time domains.

Modal domains – different exercises, movements, equipment, surfaces. You name it a fit person can do basically anything you throw at them relatively well.

This is how we define what it means to be fit. We want someone who can pull a 500lb deadlift and run a 5 minute mile all the while being able to do 40 straight pull ups with a 2.5x body weight clean and jerk. Now THAT is fitness.

On the other side of the coin, Men’s Health listed this guy as #20 on the top 100 Fittest of All Time. Richard Simmons. Yes really.

I want you to imagine Richard Simmons in his prime. As fit as he has EVER BEEN. Now I want you to imagine Richard Simmons on the main stage at the CrossFit Games, as a competitor. It’s not going to take much imagination to see how this is going to go.


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