Monday 10/15

Clean & Jerk 3-3-3-3-3

Great job to both Saturday morning classes! Everyone signed up for class, though not everyone who signed up actually attended class, but that’s another matter. Hopefully we can keep this trend going because starting today, there will be some motivational consequences for showing up to class without signing up. If you come to class without signing up and the class is full, you get to wear a hotdog costume for the warm-up. Don’t worry, it is a one size fits all. Oh, and we have no intention of washing it.


Barbell For Boobs is Saturday, 10/20. You don’t have to donate to participate, though any contributions will be appreciated. Just like last year’s  B4B or an event like FGB or Hope, we will be running heats but please sign up for class (see above). All are welcome to attend, even if you have already attended three classes. If you are interested in donating, follow the link to our Barbell for Boobs page, here.


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